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Sedation Dentistry for Complete Comfort

Dental work no longer has to be a tense experience for some patients. Anxiety about procedures can be relieved with the quieting and calming effect of sedation dentistry. You remain conscious, but unaware of the work being performed. We are very pleased to be able to relieve any fears for our patients.

By taking just one pill one hour before your appointment, you begin to feel relaxed as you progressively reach a deeper level of relaxation in the dental chair. You are not completely "out" as you would be for surgery. You are just unaware of the work being performed, yet conscious enough to answer any questions the doctor may ask. After your treatment, a friend drives you home and in a few hours you are back to normal.

This is why it is called "conscious" sedation, as you retain your perception of your environment. Some people have fear of being completely unconscious, but this is not the case with taking this pill. Conscious sedation also works well for those who are highly resistant to anesthesia, or those who need most or all of their work accomplished in one appointment.

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