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Hygiene Visits Help You
Stay Healthy

To help keep your teeth in their healthiest state, regular teeth cleanings by our hygienist are necessary. Plaque and tartar will form in hard-to-reach places and eventually, if not removed, will create cavities. This can also lead to gum disease, which causes problems both for your teeth and for your overall health. Medical research has shown chronic gum infection plays a role in developing or worsening conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Seniors and Their Specific Care

Dental Care for Seniors Libby MTRegular check-ups help us to stay on top of the problems seniors may experience. Fillings have aged and sometimes loosen or crack, needing replacement before decay or other damage sets in. Plaque often builds up, needing to be removed by our professional hygienist before gum disease sets in. Often teeth have lost their brightness from years of tobacco or caffeine consumption. And some medications reduce the flow of saliva through the mouth, which is necessary for healthy gums and teeth. Besides regular check-ups, we recommend eating healthy, nutritious food and proper daily cleaning. If ever you notice gums are red or bleeding, or teeth become loose, please contact us immediately.


If it's time for your next cleaning, or if you're ready to schedule a no cost/no obligation consultation, call us now at (406) 293-7778.

Advancements in Root Canal Therapy

No longer are root canals a dreaded procedure for patients. Teeth with infected or damaged roots can be saved with an easier, more advanced procedure of root canal therapy. Dr. Davidson is well experienced in the latest treatment and anesthesia. The tooth is saved by removing the pulp from the interior of the tooth and replacing it with a filling material. A regular filling used for restoring a tooth from decay will not work. This procedure is used instead when the nerve of the tooth is affected.

We Can Align Your Bite to Eliminate TMJ/TMD Problems

A dental malocclusion is an improperly aligned bite. Your jaw may not be setting in the position nature intended. Your dental arch may not be as extended as it needs to be. Common symptoms related to these problems are aching or popping jaws, frequent migraines or headaches, and pain in the shoulders, jaws, or neck.

Perhaps you have grown accustomed to this pain, so it seems completely natural for you. But we can relieve most or all of this pain by restoring your dental occlusion to its proper position. You can discover the benefits with our TMJ/TMD treatment that will bring a new quality to your life.

Relief for Headache Sufferers

Migraine Headache Treatment Dentist - NTI Oral ApplianceWe are very pleased to offer our patients an alternative to medication in the prevention of migraine and tension headaches. NTI™ is an FDA-approved oral appliance that works by relaxing scalp muscles. Most headaches are due to strained muscles in the head and neck regions, and this small miracle brings relief to most sufferers. Over 80% of users reduced their migraine events by 77%! It is an easy-to-use, cost-effective means of treating this problem. Be sure to ask us how we can improve your quality of life with this exciting new device.


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