One-Visit Crowns

Perfect-Fitting Crowns In Just One Visit!

You may have been through the tedious routine to have a crown placed over a tooth. First the impression, then a two-week wait, then a return to the dentist to place the crown only to possibly find that it doesn't fit properly. Then a return visit after another week-long wait and finally, you have your crown.

What if we introduced you to the technology that reduces a two-week ordeal to a one-hour procedure? CEREC™ is a computer-aided design and milling system that produces a perfect fitting crown every time! There are no return trips to the dentist or waiting period of weeks. Patients are amazed! It only takes an hour to create and place your crown, as there are no gooey impressions to make or temporary to create. Making the permanent crown is quick and accurate.

The process is simple. First a reflective powder is painted on the tooth. With a special camera, an image is taken and then displayed on our computer screen. Dr. Davidson then designs the restoration and CEREC mills a very durable, natural-looking crown. The crown is bonded to the remaining tooth structure and in just an hour, you are good to go!

There's no charge to learn more about CEREC one-visit crowns. Call today at (406) 293-7778 to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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